Eco Zonker Strips


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Finally - a 'catch and release' Zonker Strip

 Endorsed animal lovers and Rabbit breeders everywhere

No animals died - just synthetic materials 'dyed'

 Long slender strips with slits prevent waterlogging and heavy casts. packaged strips - 15mm width 1 meter length.

1) Dye the White Zonker to the color of your choice.  Opens up a lot of possibilites.
2) The Zonker fibers are long enough that they can be cut from the base and used in a dubbing loop. This opens up to a very large world of tying small and intermediate size flies. Potential uses for: tailing, wings, bodies, legs, collars etc. This product is not restricted to streamer flies only.

 Available colors are Brown (Tan), White, Black, Chinchilla Grey and Chinchilla Brown.

New from Italy and exclusive to The Canadian Llama Company



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