Entice Beads

 Brand new to the market and now available at The Canadian Llama Company are the wonderful colors of "Entice" a bead that is extra brilliant in deeper water, poor light or water with less clarity.
"Entice Beads" are a range of fish enticing shades of color applied to our brass, tungsten and the micro mini cone by an electroplated anodizing process.  Entice is chip free and resistant to scratches, more durable than paint and offers a wonderful brightness of color and clarity and transparency.
With many colors available and four different products it's easy to quickly change up the look of your favorite beaded pattern for a new fish enticing fly, simply by using a different shade of bead or cone head or by interchanging one of the four product choice
 At the moment we carry "Entice Beads" in five Bead types. 
#1: Entice Slotted Faceted Tungsten Beads - 10 Pack/5 color choices
#2: Entice Slotted Tungsten Beads - 10 Pack/9 color choices
#3: Entice (Anodized) Brass Beads - 24 Pack/12 color choices
#4: Entice Brass Micro Mini Cone Head 3/32" - 20 Pack/4 color choices
#5 - NEW - Entice Tungsten Tru-Fit style Tungsten Beads - 20 Pack/6 color choices
 The thought is the non chip finish has more iridescence (especially on the faceted bead) showing through the metal underneath, so looking quite different than a painted bead that completely covers over the underlying metal.
 My concept is to accommodate three different fishing situations:
#1: Where water/light is poor and depth is wanted -  to suggest the slotted/faceted tungsten bead for extra brilliance and weight.
#2: Where water/light is good but depth is wanted - to suggest the slotted tungsten bead.
#3: Where getting deep quick is not as big a consideration to suggest the brass bead with the Anodized (Entice) finish.


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