Slotted Disco Faceted Beads - 20 Pack

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7/64" (3.0mm) Gold and Sterling ONLY

Starting at: 8.16

For extra glitter and shine our faceted (Disco ball style) tungsten beads are the answer!
Not only does the slot fit the bend of the hook for more easy tying, the tungsten weight gets the fly down quickly. Add to that - the incredible shine of tiny flat faces all around the surface catching and reflecting light under water - and you have the ultimate in a fish attracting weight for your bead head nymph pattern.
I sell many million brass and tungsten fly tying beads a year so my production costs are low and my policy of bringing the best quality and the lowest prices due to minimal marketing costs allows me to offer these faceted/slotted tungsten beads to you at these remarkable prices
Ask your friends or check the fly tying forums, you likely will hear good things about my products!
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