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    Stephen Procter - GTUV (Glitter Thread/UV resin bug)

    GTUV nymph   - rusty brown

    Daiichi 1710 #12
    Thread:8/0 camel
    Bead:7/64 copper finish brass bead
       ...the antennae are orange Krystal Flash
    Rib:Brown holographic mylar tinsel,small
    Tail:Golden pheasant,red rump fibres
    Abdomen:2 strands of Glitter Thread,one Brown
       GT-08 and the other Rust GT-06,wrapped 
    Thorax cover:8 strands of Blood Red Glitter Thread
       GT-10,side-bye-side over Midge Flex Summer Duck
       ...the cover over the bead is 2 strands of GT-10 over
          the Summer Duck Midge Flex
    Thorax:Dubbed mix of ginger rabbit and brown Lustre
       Plus Nylon

    Legs:Pale tan feather from the base,and underneath,
       of a French partridge tail

       ...carefully coat the abdomen with at least 2 thin coats
       of Deer Creek Fine UV cure resin(3 is better but they need to be thin coats)
       curing in between.It is also best to coat the abdomen before
       continuing on with the thorax.When the fly is complete,coat
       the thorax cover (and bead cover if you added it) with the
       UV cure resin also,being careful at the edges.


    For a larger picture right click on the photo and ‘open in new window/tab’

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