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    Stephen Procter - Jelly Spider

    Jelly Spider
    Daiichi 1510 size 8
    Thread:8/0 light cahill
    Tail:Bunch of speckled hackle fibres from a badger Brahma hen flank feather
    Tag:OPTIONAL...Glitter Thread (Pink 16) I tie this on as though it were
            a rib,wrap  3 times to create a tag and tie off but do not cut waste.
            after tying on the FNF-Jelly Milkshake I catch the 2 materials together
            and wrap them side-by-side up the hook shank...tying off both with 
            enough room left on the shank to add the hackle.
    Body:FNF-Jelly Milkshake in Biscuit,wrapped up the shank,with or without
             the optional Glitter Thread.
    Hackle:Speckled flank feather from a badger Brahma hen
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