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    Stephen Procter - Shrink Wrap Caddis


    Small Grey Caddis  (shrink wrap French Partridge grey caddis)

    Daiichi 1130, size 18
    Thread:  8/0
    Rib:Krystal Flash
    Abdomen:Polypropylene dry fly dubbing
    Wing:Soft feather of appropriate colour,
       here a grey-blue French partridge,cemented
       to a single layer of pre-shrunk window
       insulation film.
    Hackle:Rooster dry quality
    Thorax:Polypropylene dry dubbing

       ... The window insulation shrink film is first
       shrunk with a hair dryer.Selected feather is then
       coated thinly with a vinyl cement and pressed
       down onto the film.Once dry the wing is cut to
       shape.The shrink film used here is lighter than
       water and adds a reflective sheen to the under
       side of the wing.

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