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    Stephen Procter - Shrunk Bugs

    Shrunk Bugs for nymphing

    Daiichi 1150 ,size 10s
    Threads to suit,here olive and dark brown
    Beads are 1/8 brass,gold colour
    Rib of copper wire
    Abdomen wrap of window insulation shrink film
    Back is Stillwater Solutions Midge Flex,here Olive and Brown
    Abdomen of dubbed Lustre Plus,here Olive and Brown
    Thorax of dubbed Magic Flash.For the olive bug it is a mix of Brass and Emerald
       colours,for the brown bug it is Copper colour.
    Very narrow collar of the same dubbed Magic Flash after pulling over and tying in the thorax cover.
    Shrink the abdomen wrap with a hair dryer after tying off.Brush out the thorax dubbing for legs and cut to length/clip off strays.

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