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    Stephen Procter - Translucent Extended Body Parachute Emerger

    Translucent Extended Body Parachute Emerger

    Daiichi 1130 size12
    Thead:Olive 8/0
    Post:Dark grey polypropylene
    Extended Abdomen:Made by brushing rubber cement onto a sheet of hard plastic in a thin layer,and
      adding lengths and pieces of Magic Flash (Blue and Forest here) at the closeest edge of cement.Then the
      dried cement layer is rolled up and away to form a cylindrical length that contains the Magic Flash within.
      Further light coats of rubber cement,or in this case a vynyl tying cement,can be added to the outside....and
      marker pens might also be used to creative effect before rolling the dried rubber cement.
      The needed length of extended body is then just tied onto the hook and the waste cut off. (2 extended bodies
      are created at each rolling.One at each end of the rolled cylinder) Obviously,this extended body can be used for
      other patterns,as you find suitable.
    Hackle:Dark dun saddle
    Thorax:Dubbed and brushed Magic Flash in colour Forest....the Magic Flash chopped to 1 inch lengths before dubbing

       --Gink applied to the post and hackle for fishing --

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