Tungsten Half Beads 2.8mm (7/64") 10 pc


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These are the revolutionary Tungsten Half beads just released to the fly tying market.
They allow for multiple color combinations for use on bead head fly patterns never before possible.  Your creativity can be unleased to design new patterns and to design updated variations of some of the popular traditional proven ones.
Even where a single color finish is desired since these half beads are applied to the hook ONE AT A TIME they easily fit a broader range of hook brands, models and sizes not possible with the old standard bead products.  This choice of hooks and bead sizes will allow for an expanded range of profiles available to you.
Their innovative interior design allows them to ‘mate’ once applied to the hook shank which locks them in place preventing the flat faces from sliding on each other – establishing a nice clean line between colors and a nice round spherical bead.
It is not necessary now to have a larger tapered rear hole or drilled out portion as with the old standard bead in order to accommodate the hook bends which allows us to have the smaller bore throughout the entire bead.
You are going to love these 2 Tone Tungsten Half Beads in all their beautiful range of colors and finishes!  
Create – Catch Fish – ENJOY!!

Also available at:   The First Cast Fly Shop in Guelph, Ontario


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