Brill UV Small 5 mm


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Brill UV version has been obtained by adding ultraviolet fibers. Its color effects are impressive!!
Brill UV Standard has been recently devised, this new material has very bright aspects. 
It differs from the classic Cactus for its thin and knitted particular core, which allows the effect fibers to be arranged more sparsely, yet strongly held. This material is of considerable help for the construction of medium-small bodies, without bulking the artificial pattern too much.
This is suitable for small and medium patterns. With an increased-size core designed to withstand high tensions.
BRILL UV Small 5mm -3 meters packaged on a plastic card. Clear plastic bag 60 x 108 mm or 3 meter spool as inventory allows
Available in 18 colors.
For a close up of color choices right click on photo and 'open in new window/tab'
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