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Here is the latest new innovations from Europe.  Only to be introduced there in November 2020 we have been fortunate enough to get an early release.
27 versions of Perdigon/Buzzer Quills from Xwaters.it in Italy are  available from us in Canada and the USA NOW - not as usually happens with these types of new products - weeks and months later.
Many are available in multiple strip widths of 1.0mm, 0.75mm and some even as fine as 0.5mm for tying the smaller patterns. 
Some like Disco Silver, Hammered Rainbow and Diamond Gunmetal are slightly thicker and stiffer which makes them particularly suitable for shell backs and lateral lines on baitfish patterns as you will see in the Perdigon Minnow by Dennis Gamboa of The Flybox in the photo below.  You may find them a  little less easy to wrap depending on your hook size. This new pattern will be featured in the BC Outdoors Magazine in the Jan/Feb issue with tyiing instructions by Phil Rowley.
Of  interest for you Chironomid tyers there is now ANTI STATIC strips in both 1.0mm and 0.75mm for the smaller flies. 



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