Alec Jackson's Chironomid Hook - 100 pack


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7/64" (3.0mm) Gold and Sterling ONLY

New for 2012 a special designed Chironomid Hook from the master himself - Alec Jackson and manufactured exclusively for him by Daiichi, you know the quality is superb and the design outstanding!
A high carbon steel, sticky sharp needle point & mini barb are features of this chemically sharpened Crystal (TM) finish curved hook.
The Crystal(TM) finish is used so that in a diffused light it should be nearly a perfect mirror and reflect it's surroundings completely - making it practically invisible to the fish, unlike a bronzed hook which takes up an olive tone slightly darker than the rest of the water.
Designed specifically for Chironomid, Midge (Buzzers), Larvae and Pupae patterns for Trout.
Available in 25 and 100 pc. packs in sizes 7,9, 11, 13, 15 and 17 
Example fly shown is British Blood by John Kent from Alberta, Canada
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