Llama Streamer Hair


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Approximately ½ square inch of llama hairs on a piece of skin.
This is the new product highly in demand for streamer patterns as published in Salt Water Fly Fishing and Rod & Reel magazines!
Has a movement in the water like marabou but extremely durable. Stands up to the repeated bites from Salt Water species like Salmon, Bone Fish, Tarpon and Snook as well as Fresh Water species like Pike, Muskie and Bass.
It can be blunt cut for a bold look or tapered with your scissors, or a common thining shear. This allows you full flexability in deciding the look you want to achieve.
Outstanding undulation, high abrasion strength, the look you want, and a wide choice of colors. It doesn't get any better.
Length of hair varies from piece to piece as they are from various areas of different llamas.  Generally from 6" to 10"

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