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7/64" (3.0mm) Gold and Sterling ONLY



Wow - what a great item!

You will wonder how you ever got by without it!

Tired of picking beads back off the floor, trying to pick them up from a dish and generally having them be a 'pain'? Here's the solution

This handy Nymph Bead dispenser is about the size of a salt shaker. Simply unscrew the top, load with a quantity of appropriate sized beads and close.
The top slides down into the chamber when pushed - neatly dispensing a bead on the top of a small post - for easy secure picking up. Push down again for another individual bead dispensing!

Makes for very fast easy bead dispensing - perfect for commercial tyers and volume users who want a fast easy way of picking up beads!

Top also slides in without a bead so the unit is closed and may be put on it's side without spilling beads. Individual units gang together with plastic joiner.

2 size options for various nymph beads.

3.5mm for beads 3/32" up to 1/8"
4.5mm for beads 7/64" up to 3/16"

Order one for each color of bead you use in each size to save ever dropping them again!

Note: colored painted beads, both brass and tungsten are slightly larger diameter due to paint thickness than Gold or other plated beads - you may want to use 'next size up' bead server for these ones?

A great gift item for the fly tyer in your life - not seen everywhere and sure to please!


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