Brass Cone Heads-100 Pack

  • Model: BCH-100
Date Added: 04/07/2022

5 stars

Where to start. Well, I can say originally I had sourced your company looking for the exact same conehead bead that was in the "recipe" for Chan's Ruby Leech. Due to the success of this fly from my own "store-bought" variations, I was determined to re-produce it at my bench. I bought many cones and all were not successful at reproducing the fly. I was extremely frustrated until by chance, a "google" search came up with a recipe for re-producing the fly and used your name as the source of the cone. Again, back to "Google". Found your website and looke up the coneheads. Pictures are always randomly deceiving, but by the looks of it, I saw what I wanted: a cone that was tapered just to the right angle and slender enough to match the Chan's leech. The biggest draw was these packs came in 100, so I didn't have to order multiples, as I always tie more than 25. When I got my order (quickly, I might add), I found these were just the cone I had been searching for. Ironically, my first flies were not attempting the re-production of the Ruby Leech, but off on a tangent of my own. I didn't actually get around to tying the Ruby Leech until two years later! What really struck me was about the taper of the cone: slender and tight. These were amazing and when tied with the right blend and pattern, exceeded all my expectations for what I wanted in a cone bead. Needless to say, I have landed many a fish on these. That would have been the end of the story, but sadly, no. Kent is amazing in his customer service. It would be one thing if I was a commercial tyer and ordered thousands of dollars a month in materials, but I don't. I tie for myself and my partners and really have only ordered twice. On each occasion, I received a sample of another material in my order. Not odd, as many companies do and I usually toss those items into my stash to look at later. Well, I dug one out recently during a bout of organizing some tying materials. It was the orange micro-chenille. It caught my eye and I set it aside to see if I could come up with a pattern for it. Next, I spotted the sample of Llama dubbing. It too, caught my eye and I was impressed at how smooth and soft it was compared to Angora Goat, the primary tying material for a Hale-Bopp Leech. So, I hit the bench. I played with the micro-chenille and came up with a phenomenal pattern I am really anxious to try. After I tied it, I knew I wanted more of their chenille. Came back to the website and placed an order for all the colors I wanted..................and some Llama dubbing. Oh, but it doesn't end there. I started "window shopping" some of the other stuff. Long story short (too late), I came up with a wish list of what I wanted. Now, most shops don't know quality hooks. Most shops don't carry quality hooks. Canadian Llama does. Me personally, I have always loved Daiichi hooks, but then I caught their offering of Alec Jackson hooks. Well, I can see I am in for a run (all puns intended). Here's the bottom line: Good quality materials shops are really hard to find. Canadian Llama carries only the best quality materials for tying truly amazing flies and has them in quantities that will suffice for an true fly-tier's passion. I am in the midst of tying a boat-load for an upcoming trip. I am so looking forward to coming back and shopping for my next "adventure". These guys are phenomenal and there are too few of them out there. Sam B.
by Test A.
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