Dennis Gamboa - Prawnoline

The Prawnoline
by Dennis Gamboa
The Fly Box
Steelhead Fly-Prawn/Crayfish Imitation
Thread: Brown Uni-Thread of Danvilles 6/0
Antennae: Tan Craft fir and two strands of pearl saltwater Krystal flash.
Eggs sac:(optional) hot orange yak, orange polar bear, ep sunrise hair, or funky fibre in hot orange
Eyes: 50 pound mono or EP eyes
Body: Medium new age chenille or two tone in brown 
Hackle: Palmered chenille in tan
Collar- Senyo predato hackle barred clear and painted with tan sharpie or equivalent
Wing: Bronze Select mallard or Gadwall fibers
Head- Deer Creek uv  resin or  Epoxy
Available for Purchase at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle and M & Y Fly Shops.

Add Alec Jackson Hooks or Deer Creek UV Resin to your order and receive $5.00 USD off the order total.  Use Coupon Code DGFB2016 at check out. (one per customer for a limited time)

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