Dennis Southwick - GDQ Stone

 GDQ GStone(Get Down Quick Golden Stone)


Hook              Daiichi    1160 Klinkhamer  #8

Thread          8/0 colour of your choice

Bead             Tungsten  5/32 gold

Rib                Copper wire

Tail               Pheasant Tail fibers

Shell back     Maroon Midge Flex

Body             Berroco ultra Fine Alpaca yarn 1214(steel cut oats)

Thorax          Hares Ear (Arizona dub)

Leg               Sili Legs(colour your chose)



Try to keep this pattern stream line. You want this to get down quick.   I used only one layer of  the yarn (it is a 4 strand yarn) if you like to trim down you could likely use 2 strands if you wanted to. I used the biggest tungsten bead I have.  You could possibly get away with using a #8 scud hook you just want to get some kind of bend in the body to give the illusion of movement



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