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    Stephen Procter - Aztec Style Streamer


    I was trying again to have some bulk without everything being a wet rag when you cast.Surprisingly,even with all the acrylic yarn tied on,this one still suspends,without hook,at the surface and face up.Yes,they will fish shallow....and even though I didn't put any weighting under the tube it still sits in the correct attitude.The proper hook at the back would easily keel the fly while stripping, I think.

    Bound down the junction tube.Here I used chartreuse 3/0.
    Tie in 2 pieces of acrylic rug yarn(4 ply) using white thread.
    Tie on Natural Pearl Crystal Flash Cactus,
    and wrap while adding single pieces of rug yarn on alternating wraps,at the top of the tube.
    Barring/striping is easy using 2,or even more,colours.
    2/3 up the Aztec-style body,tie off the Crystal Flash Cactus.tie in a piece of trimmed and pulled white organza ribbon and and wrap twice laying the fibres backwards.
    Tie in White Fritz and continue for an additional 1/3 in the previous fashion.
    Tie in and wrap twice an additional piece of the organza ribbon "hackle".
    I tied on and wound a short length of micro chenille using red thread, just to add a bit of length before tying on and wrapping the Stainless Pike/Saltwater Llama Brush as the forward body.
    A dubbing loop of 1/3 Sunset,2/3 Red Wing Magic Flash,from tube to loop end,is wrapped on.
    Then some Copper Magic Flash is dubbed in regular fashion.The eyes are added on this whole
    Magic Flash area just behind the built up thread head at the front.
    Add the eyes with epoxy cement,and coat the thread wraps at the head at the same time.

    The slide-on chugger is a simple affair using a foam craft 3D shape cylinder.
    Cover the outside with sticky-backed prism foil,if you wish....and the front end with a circular cut piece to fit.I coated the seam on the outside wrap with a bead of UV cured resin.The front I just covered with a thin layer of vinyl cement.
    A hole is melted through the centre using a heated  needle of thickness.A plastic tube (from an ear cleaning bud) is inserted and cemented with epoxy.Flush at the front...cut down to a short stub at the back end and melted back as you do your fly tubes.The back end of the cylinder I coated with a nail varnish.

    Stephen Procter

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