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    Stephen Procter - Large Llama Brush Pike Streamer


    Large Llama Brush Pike Streamer

    Finished off a larger pike streamer. .I went with a very similar blended colouring.I like the looks of the dark fly with flash at the front.Sure would be nice if Pike liked it too!

    Makes for a sharp silhouette with an exaggerated long and thin appearance,and all things the same the colouring should be visible farther down the water column.Red would drop away first but it would just go black.This particular streamer,though, is also just weighted at the front and won't drop down very quickly at all.

    I found the Pike/Saltwater Brushes much easier to manage on a fixed hook.You do still have to pay attention to keeping the wraps held tight until you tie the brush off.Very easy to add bulk to the forward section of the streamer,but not too much bulk.Brushes out very well too. Just had a notion to remember to try a Siliclone-style head using llama hair.If I get the silicone sealant thinned down enough it should look quite good!
    ...and I really like the llama streamer hair!Very nice to work with,easy to manipulate.

    On the Daiichi 2461 Aberdeen Streamer hook,size 5/0.
    Thread base on the shank first and then weighting wire on the 1st 3rd of the shank behind the eye.... .030 diam. weighting wire here.I used a black 6/0 thread for this and then changed to a flat 210 denier in red.

    For the tail I used Llama Streamer Hair in about equal parts Red and Blue.Tie the tail onto the top of the shank first and then add a monofilament(20lb stiff) anti-fouling loop on top of the tail butts.Bind down the loop and then pull the tail up and through the loop of mono with a bodkin.Then I tied in a sparse bucktail skirt around the top and sides...stiff,shorter bucktail hairs,dyed red.

    Tie onto the shank a piece of purple streamer hair and a black piece,and then another bucktail skirt for anti-fouling.Again in red.

    Next is tied on a dubbed ball of Magic Flash in BlueThat should take you to the second 1/3 section of the body.Tie in another length of black then purple,and then blue llama streamer hair.Follow that with a length of fuschia and another length of purple,then a red and yet another purple length.And finally,another fuschia and then a black section of the llama hair.Finish off that 3rd of the hook shank with a dubbed ball of Magic Flash in Opal Sparkle.

    At or around the end of the wound weighting wire,and the 1st 1/3 of the shank,tie in a piece of Blue Pike/Saltwater Llama Brush and wind on 2 wraps.Next, 2 or 3 wraps of a Red Pike/Saltwater Llama Brush,and then 2 wraps of a black brush.At the front,wrap on a dubbed ball of Magic Flash in Blue.

    Brush and comb back the dubbing and the hair,and add the eyes with CA glue.Epoxy cement is then added to the thread wraps at the head and up to the space between the eye fronts.
    The streamer in the pics measures at 6 1/2 inches when dry...about half an inch longer when wet.

    Stephen Procter

    For a larger image right click on the photo and 'open in new tab/window'

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